We are a Colombian company, with 60 years of experience in the distribution of medical equipment, medical devices and technical service specialized in the health sector, meeting the highest standards of quality and technology.

Our track record has allowed us to have a recognition in the health sector, thanks to the support of our brands, which are recognized worldwide for their continuous research and development of new products; safe, efficient, innovative and environmentally friendly. Thus guaranteeing our customers an efficient cost operation, which overcomes the constant challenges in the health sector.

Our team is the main strength, we have a group of trained professionals, motivated by teamwork, active participation and a positive attitude towards their development. We are a company that seeks continuous improvement and quality assurance, measured in the effectiveness of its management system, as a commitment to our customers, suppliers, and human team.


G. BARCO S.A. is oriented towards the satisfaction of needs in the field of health, with equipment and elements of medical and hospital use of the highest quality and technology, backed by the guarantee and technical service of a solid organization.


G. BARCO S.A. seeks sales leadership in medical and hospital equipmet and supplies, based on the the needs of our clients providing solutions for addes value with a level of excellence that ensures their loyalty.

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